Here reigns a peaceful and quiet atmosphere


The beautiful park extends itself to the northern, southern and western sides of the castle.

12 000 m² wide planted with regional and exogenous trees and bushes. Amongts them a three-hundred-years-old Libanese Cedar « cedrus libani » magnifies this haven of peace.

The garden is thought to be drawn by the family Capieu-Massip during the construction of the residence, or right after the end of the construction.

When the family Reynaud bought the castle, the park was abandonned, unstructured and invaded by weeds and brushwood. 

Thanks to the reknown lanscape architect Patrice Gonfond, the current French formal garden was drawn in 2001. With logic he implemented this garden with large alleys, side lanes and a central roundabout of boxwood.

What a surprise when the architect dug and found the basement of a former central basin similar to the one he was building ! Despite the 140 years difference the architects had the same logic and vision.


It's now really enjoyable to wander in this peaceful park ornate with white roses. Down an alley you can end the visit of the west side by an old tower in perfect condition, formerly use for hunting.

In an other alley you can find a charming stoned basin.

The most suitable phrase to describe the park might be from Stendhal : In this place reigns a deep serenity which takes me back to the beautiful Italian residences...