Monument Historique
Monument Historique

Historic Monument

The Chateau de Bosc own the only object classified as Historical Monument in the « communauté de communes du Pont du Gard » (federation of municipalities around the Pont du Gard region). It is a zoomorphic draisienne.

This two-wheelers is the only one classified as Historical Monument in France.

It is the masterpiece of a wheelwright named Urbain Alexandre built around 1820-1825. It remained in his family until 1994. Its main value is that we know his full history and it's also one of the few rare French draisiennes still existing. Neither its beauty nor its amazing original condition can be ignored by the visitors.

Small items related to the wheelwright studies were also preserved : ribbons, religious objects, etc...

On the 15th October 2010 the Culture Ministry classified this draisienne as Historical Monument.