Monument Historique
Monument Historique

The history of Cycles

The two-wheelers was born in 1817. Two hundred years of existence for the most popular and democratic means of transport in the world !

The Chateau de Bosc depicts the technological and social history through cycles chosen for their historical value, from the origins to 1980.

On the first floor of the castle the visitor can follow this evolution thanks to a nice museography and videos. We are astonished to see that the evolution was permanent and inexorable over two centuries. There were progress but also step back. This history went through four steps : the draisienne era from 1817 to 1860s, the velocipede era until the early 1870s, then the grand bi era until the early 1890s and finally the great era of bicycle which is still going on.

This History is introduced in a fun and didactic way and goes on with the history of motorcycles.


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