The invention of long-keeping sulphites free wines


The Chateau de Bosc could have been a common organic wineyard like many others – with more quality would some people say.

But ten years ago, Guillaume Reynaud the winemaker, made a great discovery : elaborating sulphites-free wines that you can age !

For a thousand years human didn't find a way to make long-keeping wines without addind sulphites (sulphur) in their recipe.

In the 1970s few organic winemakers started to produce wines without this additive.

We can now rarely find this kind of wines.

The only – but considerable – problem is that they can be stored only few months or up to one year and we don't have the guarantee that it will taste good.

After 3 years of risky experiments (the wine could have turned into vinegar once bottled or even worse in the tun), Guillaume Reynaud did the impossible : getting rid of SO2.

Since 2010 his sulphites-free wine Artémis is commercialized and doesn't show any aging trouble.

On the other hand there is a noticeable qualitative impact : « we have better defined wines, more round and full-bodied, less impacted by the SO2... thus we have wines with an ample mouth. However theses wines demand a technical strategy and we need to be methodic and rigourous... » Jean-Philippe Trollet (Winemaker of the Year 2009) – France 3 TV – 27/09/16

Today, the winemaker can present a « vertical » (a sample of the same wine from different successive vintages) of 8 years available for scientists and professionals only.

This unique and revolutionary process calls into question the traditional way of vinification. It also made the fame of Chateau de Bosc.


He did it because he didn't know it was impossible... (Mark Twain)


Artemis' mentor and founder of organic agriculture in France

" Congratulations and cordial tribute from the mentor Philippe Desbrosses for the unveiling of sulphites free wines 2010 "