A mysterious heritage

The neighbourhood where the castle was built was formerly called the Estagnon meaning the « little pond » due to the presence of an old pond in the surroundings. This is even more surprising when we know that it is now located on the dry and stony plateau where are produced wines under the appellation Signargues.


A man called Capieu spoused Massip bought the land in 1870 to the mayor of Domazan in order to build his residence. On the land register made in 1818 no habitations were registered. Nonetheless if we look closer to the semi-burried part of the house we can clearly notice that the chateau was built on the ruins of a former house.


The architecture is really elegant and purely inspired by Napoleon III style. There are two towers and an external central double stairs leading to the loggia. All the rooms have windows on the northern and southern sides which make it bright. This type of architecture isn't adapted to the regional climate, especially the strong wind called Mistral. Therefore, a park and a oak alley were settled on the northern side to prevent the wind.


The minimalist design of the inside contrasts with the napoleonian style. Capieu died during the construction and his widowed wife didn't complete the ornaments. That's the reason why you won't find any decoration nor engraving in the different rooms of the house.


The elegance and balance of the facade also constrast with the provencal residences. It takes its warm tones from the regional stones from the Pont du Gard.

The castle erects on four floors : the garden-floor, two floors reserved for the former householders and the third floor for the domestic employees who had no windows towards the park.